Robin Telfian

Mar 22, 2024 | Podcast

Welcome to Run Build Grow hosted by Andrew Ware. Thank you for joining as we explore the communal spirit of running.

In this episode we welcomeRobin Telfian. Robin is the founder and director of Shood: Shoes for Good, a non-profit located in Richmond, Va that collects, fits, and distributes shoes to those who need them. This covers a large range, as Shood collects old and worn running shoes that have reached the end of the runners journey, but can often be repurposed to provide shoes for those who may not have access to shoes to wear around. Shood connects with homeless shelters and agencies in Richmond to distribute. They have also partnered with shoe companies and the High Schools in the city of Richmond to provide free track and running shoes for track and field and cross country athletes.

With the ultimate goal of help those in need through something many runners take for granted and helping to make participating in running more accessible at the youth level Robin hopes that this impact is felt and the entire community can help support.

In this conversation we explore the journey of Shood. From smelly running shoes taking up space in the back of Robin’s car, to delivering shoes (both old and new) across the City of Richmond to help care for one of our most essential assets in running (our feet).

Learn more about the guest or fun things from the episode:

  • Shood: Shoes for Good – Check out the website for Shood, and learn all about the work the do in Richmond, Va.
  • Robin Telfian on Active Faith Podcast – This is my interview from April 2022 on my previous podcast, The Active Faith Podcast. Robin and I talk even more about Shood, but also talk about her own journey and how she is caring for herself in the midst of it.

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