Candace Broaddus

Jul 5, 2024 | Podcast

This episode features Candace Broaddus, a member and coach in the Richmond Running Community.

Candace walks us through her journey of her love for running and how that love, drive, and passion led her to begin to coach in this different way. We explore the Richmond running community and what sets it apart from others. We talk about how she went from participating in a Marathon training program to becoming one of the coaches who helps to support runners.

For the Sportsbackers program, she coaches with, coaching is more than just getting folks through the miles before the starting line. Sportsbackers (organizers and directors of the Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, 8k) have created a program that draws in hundreds of folks from the Greater Richmond Area. This program not only supports you up to the starting line, but to the finish line as well.

Listen to how Candace has seen her role as coach unfold in this program and why it is amazing to help runners in the lead-up, and all the runners out on the course meet their goals (whatever they might be).

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